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What is BEST:
BEST is set up of facility for the drivers under pay and use. We have surveyed that for the use of clean facilities drivers are ready to pay. We had discussed with the dhaba owners which are selected for this purpose to operate the facilities with the required cleanliness. The facilities will be self sustainable. The facilities will be built with the help of the corporate which will have advertisement rights for that facility.

BED: A regular bed (CHARPAI) will be provided for sleeping or relaxing to the driver in the dhaba.

EDUCATION: It is observed that the major % of the drivers are unaware about the Highway signage, physical and mental stress, insurance of the vehicle and personal accidental etc. We will have a regular TV with the intermittent running of the advertisement of the programs for the drivers.

SHOWER ( BATH ) : A clean and closed shower and cleaning area will be provided. As the drivers mostly take bath in the open area on the dhabas the total cleaning of the body parts is not possible. The closed bathing will give opportunity to maintain the cleanliness of the body parts.

TOILET: A clean toilet will be provided with sufficient water to use. The toilets and bath will be cleaned with regularly.

PILOT PROJECT: A set of three BEST associates is under implementation on the Pune Nagpur route. These facilities will be provided with the Pay and use mode. The cost will be used for the water supply, cleanliness, toiletries for the cleaning of the area and the salary of the person managing the facility.

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