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A three days celebration of Driver day in association with www.truckbussale.com and Indian Oil Pune region, Sasoon Hospital, Pune. The program was conducted at SIX different IOC out lets. We had Health check , Discussion with drivers about the Insurance, safe sex, on road safty signages, Ten Point program for the welfare of the family, Most important was GST and its effect. Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Chief Regional Retail Sales Manager briefed about the facilities available under the IOC cards, New Sarai program for driver rest rooms. Mr. Ullhas Ambegaonkar, CEO www.truckbussale.com talked about the rest of the points mentioned above.

At the end the program we had question answer session which was most successful. All drivers who were from different parts of the country had lot of enquiries about the GST and insurance coverage. Three days lead to meet and talk with more than 300 drivers. Which was a big success. At the end of the program the drivers commented that we should have regular communication with them and should have regular program for interaction about the new technology changes, what is going to happen about the old vehicles, rates of the transportation and daily issues.

Lets get fit and stress free. Mr. Sanjay conducting the "THODASA YOGA HUM SAB FIT HOGA"

Team IOC getting ready for the Q n A session answered by Mr. Sinha and Mr. Ashok Singh.


Ulhas Sir taking class? No its developing the awareness. Well questioned by the drivers to ask doubts.

Mr. Khan selected as the well dressed driver by all.

A Successful event.

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